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minimal equipment workouts + rehab for all levels


Dare To Be Active provides guided workouts by a physical therapist, Dr. LA Thoma Gustin, who combines her knowledge and skills as a physical therapist with years of experience at elite level training to bring you workouts that not only challenge you, but make movement more simple and approachable.

This app was developed with all levels of fitness in mind, with an added focus on beginners who may be entering the fitness world for the first time. Dr. Thoma Gustin has developed a 4 WEEK FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM that focuses on learning some of the core movement patterns that are typically seen in most exercises in order to teach users how to perform these exercises correctly and with proper form. With the fundamental movement patterns down, users will not only have the proper tools for injury prevention but will also feel confident in progressing to more difficult exercises in the comfort of their own space.

Another goal of Dare To Be Active is to provide easy suggestions and solutions to increasing daily activity levels and preventing pain caused by immobility by providing videos that focus on posture, stretches you can do at your desk, and easy workouts you can do in the kitchen. The app will also start including videos on injury prevention and rehab of common musculoskeletal injuries.



- 4 Week Fundamentals Program, perfect for beginners and those wanting to learn proper form

- Monthly and weekly schedules

- Easily search for workouts based on time, type (programs or singles), or body part

- A continually growing library of workouts for mobility, strength, stability, and injury prevention

- Minimal to no equipment workouts you can do anytime, anywhere

- Pre/postnatal workouts and education

- Access to a community of members to hold you accountable and keep you motivated

- Coaches & Community forum to ask questions, post updates & get recommendations

- Workouts can be pre-loaded in the app for smooth streaming

- Integrates with Apple Health to keep track of your progress


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